Bohol Countryside Tour with Panglao Island Beach Escapade for Only PhP4,902! | e-Philippines Adventure Travel

For the past few years, the beautiful province of Bohol has always graced the list of the top ten most visited destinations in the Philippines. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this 4,821 square kilometer eco-tourism paradise, only the tenth largest island in the country.

First time visitors to Bohol instantly understand why it is one of the most visited destinations. The province is blessed with many wonders that make it famous worldwide. Bohol’s most iconic symbols are the Chocolate Hills and the tarsier. The Chocolate Hills are a collection of over a thousand cone-shaped limestone hills. Meanwhile, the tarsier is noted as one of the smallest primates. It’s a nocturnal animal that uses its huge eyes and swift body to catch insects, their primary food. The tarsier is a protected animal in Bohol. And there’s more to see! Panglao Island, just off the southern coast, is a paradise island with beaches and coral gardens that rival the best of the country. The waters off Panglao Island are rich in marine life. Must-try activities while in Panglao include island hopping (Balicasag and Virgin Island), dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling and simply relaxing on the beach. (more…)

3D2N Coron, Palawan Budget Travel Tour Package with Island Loop for as Low as PhP2,287! | e-Philippines Adventure Travel

Have you always wanted to enjoy the beach for its turquoise water, powdery white sands and tranquil feeling and without the night parties and the congested shores? Then Coron must be the dream vacation for you! Nestled at the northernmost tip of Palawan, Coron boasts of shimmering white sands, crystal-clear water and spectacular coral reefs and marine life that are still untouched by commercialism—truly a modern-day Eden. Are you ready to finally have a stress-free holiday by the beach? (more…)

3D2N Sagada Travel Package for as Low as PhP3,519! | e-Philippines Adventure Travel

Cool weather, picturesque landscapes, plus an unforgettable adventure! All these and more when you avail of this tour package to Sagada by e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations, a travel agency.

A 12-15 hour travel by land will all be worth it when you get to experience what Sagada has to offer. From a jaw-dropping view of the Banaue Terraces, this tour will also let you discover Sagada’s rich culture and history by visiting Hanging Coffins, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, and locals doing pottery and weaving.Prepare for an adventure to remember for Sagada is also famous for its caves such as the Sumaguing Cave, and visiting this town will never be complete without exploring it! (more…)

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